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Florida Keys Dive Sites - The Wreck of the Adelaide Baker

This historic shipwreck was a three-masted, iron-rigged wooden hull bark. The major features of this ship, locally known as the Conrad, and believed to be the Adelaide Baker, are scattered over a square quarter-mile area.

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Location 24°42.14   80°53.56
4M S-SE of Duck Key (Marathon)



to 25'

Experience Level:  Novice
History & Present Condition The Adelaide Baker, originally called the F.W. Carver, was built in 1863 in Bangor, Maine. She measured 153 feet between perpendiculars, had a beam of 35 feet and a depth of hold of 21 feet. Her double-decked hull was constructed of oak and hackmatack and two years after being built she was sheathed with copper. After being sold to the British she was renamed the Adelaide Baker. The wreck report documents that on January 28, 1889, she was bound for Savannah with a load of sawn timber when she wrecked on “Coffins Patches” Reef. The irregularly shaped granite ballast concentrated along the edge of the reef marks where she was first “holed”, spilling ballast and lower cargo. The night of the shipwreck, wreckers in the area assisted the captain and crew to safety. There was no loss of life.

The Adelaide Baker’s eroded remains are scattered along a north-northwest path 1400 feet long. Most of the material is clustered in two areas

Sea-Life Nurse sharks, lobster, morays, angelfish, and occasional grouper. Several types of  coral, sea fans, and sponges
Local Dive Shops Marathon, Duck Key
Web Sources The Wreck of the Adelaide Baker

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