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Florida Keys Dive Sites -Hens & Chickens Reef

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Location Lat 24 55.9 Long 80 32.90
3 miles E-SE of Windley Key
Markers Marked by large 35 foot tower: Fl R 2.5 sec 35 ft 5M "40"

20' - 28'

Experience Level:    Novice
History In the extraordinarily cold winter of 1970, over 80 percent of the reef died. It is on the way back. The "Brick Barge" was an old steel barge that was torpedoed during World War II. It lies at the shoreward north end of the reef.
Present Condition Shallow dive, nearshore and viz isn't always as good
Sea-Life Varied fish species
Risks -
Sanctuary Preservation Area
Local Dive Shops Islamorada
Web Sources Hen & Chickens (SPA)