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Florida Keys Dive Sites - Looe Key Reef

Regarded as one of the Keys finest reef dives, you will find a diverse variety of marine life. Popularity tends to
make it crowded on big holiday/vacation periods. Great snorkeling.

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Location Lat 24 32.70 Lon 81 24.50
Marker 24: FL R 4s 20 feet 6M "24"; 10 n miles SW of Bahia Honda Channel on a 225° course

More on Looe Key Reef

Looe Key Reef is a classic spur and groove coral formation, with an   abundance of hard and soft corals populated by a dazzling array of tropical reef fish. When a diver can drag his eyes away from these, he is often rewarded with sightings of large free swimming species such as eagle rays, turtles, and schools of tarpon.

Looe Key is a designated “No Take Zone” and all divers and snorkelers are asked to abide by the letter and the spirit of this regulation. (Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary ).

Markers 54 buoys: 1-32 are on central reef [1' to 30' deep]; 33-39 are shoreward [3' to 15']; 40-49 are 1 mile N of Marker 24 [16' depth]; 50-54 are SW of Marker 24 [30' to 70']


Experience Level:  
Novice to  Advanced

The frigate, H.M.S. Looe, accidentally ran hard aground in 1744; remains of the ship lie between two fingers of coral near the eastern end of the reef although only the ballast and anchor remain visible to the trained eye.

Present Condition 200 yds x 800 yds  and regarded as one of the finest dives in the Keys, viz can be a problem at times
Sea-Life Variety of corals, monastera, sea fans and many fish species, lobster
Marine Sanctuary, no fishing or lobstering
Deeper areas encounter occasional difficult currents
Local Dive Shops Looe Key Reef Resort & Dive Center
Web Sources Looe Key (SPA, RO)


Date Last Edited: 01/05/2008