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Florida Keys Diving - Molasses Reef
Highly accessible and arguably the world's most popular dive site. Great snorkeling

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Location 2500.74  8022.40   
6 NM SE of Key Largo near Rock Harbor


Markers 4 marker buoys,  many anchor buoys
see link below for buoy locations
Depth shallow-60' Experience Level:  
Novice to Intermediate
Sea-Life Very wide variety of marine life, viz usually very good from Gulf Stream washing over reef. Boulder Corals
What you will see A classic spur and groove system which begins near the surface and falls of gradually to a depth of 55 ft.
Risks -
FKNMS protections apply, see link below
Local Dive Shops Key Largo, Tavernier, Islamorada

Web Sources

Molasses Reef (SPA) - FKNMS pages w/ maps-details

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