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Florida Keys Dives - Sombrero Reef
Local favorite w/ abundant marine life. The lighthouse was built by General George Meade, prior to being the Union commanding officer at the battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War.

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Location 2437.50 8106.50 
140' lighted tower, south end of Marathon  Use anchor buoys

Snorkeling on Sombrero Reef

South Broward HS Girls on reef
(courtesy of Pigeon Key Foundation)

Markers 140' lighted tower, south end of Marathon

6' - 25'

Experience Level:   Novice
Present Condition Well-defined "finger reef" with sandy separations
Sea-Life Coral canyons and archways provide refuge for many varieties of marine life
SPA: no fishing/lobstering
Local Dive Shops Marathon -
Web Sources Sombrero Light (SPA)

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