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Florida Keys Diving - The Spiegel Grove
The most recent addition to artificial reefs on the local dive scene. Hurricane Dennis in July , 2005 finished uprighting the ship and it know sits perfectly on the bottom.


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Location 25 04 18      80 18 72          5 M off Key Largo

Intentionally sank as an artificial reef in 2002, the Spiegel Grove gained some international notoriety when she partially sank upside down and finally came to rest on her side.

Markers buoy
Depth 140' Experience Level:  Advanced - Novice
History see links
Present Condition upright, most of ship viewable in 50' depth
Local Dive Shops Key Largo
Web Sources South Florida Divers, Inc. SCUBA Club Spiegel Grove News and Links

Spiegel Grove Chamber of Commerce page

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