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Florida Keys Dive Sites - Alexander's Wreck

The Amesbury (DE66), locally known as Alexander’s Wreck, was built as a U.S. Naval Destroyer Escort in 1943 and was later converted to a High Speed Transport. The vessel was being towed to deep water to be sunk by local commercial salvor Chet Alexander as an artificial reef when it grounded and broke up in a storm before it could be refloated. She lies 5 miles west of Key West on a hard bottom in 25 feet of water.

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Location 24° 37. 397   81°  58. 912
5 Miles W of Key West




Experience Level:    Novice to Advanced
History see above
Present Condition Broken in half, with the stern section lying 150 yards or so north of the bow, which is awash on most tides.
Sea-Life Variety of tropicals and oysters
Part of hull just below water, risk of hull and prop damage to visiting boats
Local Dive Shops Key West
Web Sources The Wreck of the Amesbury

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