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Florida Keys Diving  Locations and Sites

Listing over 60 great Florida Keys diving locations all along the Keys.

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Florida Keys Diving - great opportunities for novice and advanced scuba divers

We attempted to work with local dive shops while indexing these sites and with very few exceptions - got absolutely nowhere. We believe that they think if you have the information we post, you won't need them. They are still a valuable asset to you for instruction, equipment repair and purchases and they know of many more dive spots on a local basis and can be of great help to novice thru advanced divers. Most will go out of their way to assist you.

Wreck Sites
Upper Florida Keys

Cannabis Cruiser

El Infante
El Popolo
San Jose

Spiegel Grove

Middle Florida Keys
Adelaide Baker
Delta Shoals Barge
Ivory Coast Wreck

Lower Florida Keys
Adolphus Busch
Alexander's Wreck
Cayman Salvage Wreck
Henrietta Marie
Joe's Tug

Reef Sites
Upper Florida Keys

Alligator Reef
Blue Hole
Caryfsort Reef
   Caryfsort South
Conch Reef
   Little Conch Reef
Crocker Reef
Davis Reef
Elbow The
Fire Coral Shoal
French Reef
Grecian Rocks
Hens & Chickens Reef
Key Largo Dry Rocks
Molasses Reef
Pickles Reef
Turtle Reef

Middle Florida Keys
Coffins Patch
Delta Shoal
Sombrero Reef

Lower Florida Keys
American Shoal Lighthouse
Content Keys
Cosgrove Shoal
Cottrell Key Reef
Eastern Dry Rocks
Lakes The
Loggerhead Key
Looe Key Reef
Pelican Shoal
Rebecca Shoal
Rock Key
Sambo Shoal
Sand Key
South Beach Patches
Western Dry Rocks

Other Sites
Upper Florida Keys
Aquarius Research Facility
Christ of the Deep Statue

Middle Florida Keys

Lower Florida Keys
Ten Fathom Bar
Dry Tortugas


Reef Conditions
 real-time, but slow load
Upper Keys -  NDBC - Station MLRF1   
Middle - NDBC - Station SMKF1
Lower NDBC - Station SANF1


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