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Florida Keys Dive Sites - Cottrell Key
Cottrell Key is the gulfside site alternative when seas are too heavy to visit the regular oceanside dive sites.


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Location 25 36.20 81 55.58
Markers small island, reef mooring buoys  
Depth shallow Experience Level:   novice
History The key is named after the Captain of the lightship that was anchored here in the early 19th century. A ruined coast guard lighthouse stands testament  to the rigors of that duty.
It was a strafing practice site for the military during WW2, and many shell holes still pock the seabed.
Present Condition The reef begins just west of the old lighthouse. The ledges and reef fingers run for about two miles.
Sea-Life Lobster, snapper, conch varieties, corals
Local Dive Shops  
Web Sources Cottrell Key Wildlife Management Area

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