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Florida Keys Dive Sites - The Wreck Benwood

One of the most popular wreck dives in the world, great for snorkeling and night dives.


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Location 25°03.16   80°20.02      (AKA Dixie Shoal)   
(Near-by dives: French Reef)   US Hwy 1 MM 105


Markers Marker Buoy and 4 anchoring buoys


Experience Level:   Novice to Intermediate  

Present Condition

360' long with a 51' beam, the Benwood was built in England and registered as a merchant marine freighter.  Traveling blacked out at night during WWII, she collided with the Robert C Tuttle. The Tuttle suffered little damage, but the Benwood's bow was crushed and the Captain turned her towards shore and abandoned her. She was extensively salvaged after sinking.

The remains of the Benwood are scattered over a wide area. The bow of the ship is the most intact feature, forming a 25-foot profile in the water column. The hull structure is mostly intact up to the level of the first deck. Large steel knees join the deck plate to the outer hull and sides of the vessel. These knees are massive reinforced triangles of steel which outline the ship’s hull shape despite the loss of the hull plates themselves. The first deck has been punctured in many places, forming a network of “nooks and crannies” perfect for fish habitat. Divers can peer through these holes into the cargo hold and see the space where ore was once carried.

Sea-Life parrotfish, morays, grouper, snook, lobster
Moderate current
Web Sources The Wreck of the Benwood
Benwood Historic Shipwreck 1942
Dive site: The Benwood - Wreck
All of the top deck areas have been salvaged
or destroyed by Navy demolitions & practice bombing
Photo Courtesy of Peabody Museum, Salem, Mass

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