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 Florida Keys Dive Sites - Wreck San Jose

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Location 24 55.46   80 28.53

The San Jose was carrying almost 7 million pesos in gold when she sank, and was salvaged by both Spanish and modern day salvors. Due to the archaic methods of the early, salvors and the scattered remains found by modern salvors, it appears the treasure will never run dry for the weekend potluck hunters of today.  Most recoveries were made directly S. of the wreck-site, but the area to the N. of the wreck has been largely unexplored, and the backside of the hurricane that hit this fleet (moving west) was driving survivors and remnants of the ship due north. For the pot-hunter, the northern sand patches and areas next to reefs may pay off with recoveries of passenger's personal items.



Experience Level:  Novice
History One of the 1733 Spanish Galleon Fleet that was struck by a hurricane as it struggled up the Florida Coast, off present day Marathon.
Present Condition The ballast pile is in 35 feet of water but largely covered by sand, although the conditions are usually clear.
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