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 Florida Keys Dive Sites -Sambo Shoal

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Location East: Lat 24 29.50 Lon 81 39.80;
Middle: Lat 24 29.71 Lon 81 41.79;
West: Lat 24 29.38 Lon 81 42.68
4 nmiles S of Boca Chica Channel to buoy
Markers Black and White Buoy "2"; Due E, a pole can be spotted on the E end of Western Sambo, buoy R "30"; buoy R "28" marks Eastern Sambo

10' - 40'

Experience Level:   Novice
Present Condition  
Sea-Life Nice Coral structures
SPA area (Sanctuary Preservation Area)
no fishing or lobstering allowed
Local Dive Shops Sambo Shoal is located S of Boca Chica (MM 8)
Web Sources Western Sambos Ecological Reserve