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Florida Keys Dive Sites - The Thunderbolt Wreck

The Thunderbolt, a 188' ship was sunk intentionally as a dive attraction on March 3, 1986, she now sits perfectly upright in 115 feet of water. Highly regarded local Florida Keys dive spot.

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Location 2439.48    8057.90
South of Coffins Reef, 1 mile S-SW of Marker 20; 5 miles SE offshore of Marathon






Experience Level:   Advanced
History The former USS Randolph was originally built for the US Army as a cable laying boat. She also served FP&L as a research ship to attract and study lightning. After sink at the dock in Miami, she was purchase by a group of middle Keys divers, prepped as an artificial reef and scuttled. see web sources for more
Present Condition At 85 feet, her bow is dominated by a huge horizontal reel, dropping over the stern of the vessel divers can examine huge twin props. Large hatches off the main deck open into the engine compartments where it is possible to descend into the hull to 110 feet.
Sea-Life Sponges, coral, angelfish, jacks, pelagics. Large jewfish.
Advanced dive, currents
Local Dive Shops Marathon -
Web Sources The Wreck of the Thunderbolt

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