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Florida Keys Dive Sites - Crocker Reef


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Location Lat 24 54.15 Long 80 31.85
4.5 miles from Snake Creek; 2 miles SW of Hens & Chickens; 5 1/2 miles SE of Windley Key       Nearby dive: the "Pocket"
Markers Red buoy no.16 is 400 yards South of divesite: 25 R N "16" ,
no buoys on site-anchor in sand patch


Experience Level:  
Novice to Intermediate
Sea-Life Southerly, the coral fingers transform into a mini-wall, known as Crocker Wall,  sea fans, barrel sponges, and many species of coral, including star, staghorn and finger coral. The wall moves in a southerly direction, ranging from 75 to 80 feet. Nurse sharks, sea turtles, amberjacks and various rays, reef tropicals.
Risks -
Local Dive Shops Key Largo, Islamorada
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