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 Florida Keys Dive Sites - Elbow Reef
Corals and fish abound here but wrecks hold the secret to the appeal of this site. The Civil War Wreck, a 752 ton steamer sunk in 1866 has lovely fingers of elkhorn coral situated at depths of 6-18 feet. The remains of two more wrecks, probably a tug and a barge are also scattered in this area.

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Location 2508.82    8015.19  

12 ' - 35'

Experience Level:   Novice
Present Conditions Named for the angular shape of the reef, it is a classic example of spurs and grooves meandering down the slope of the reef. The coral fingers are extremely well-defined and are separated by level passages of clean sand; some of the spurs are high enough to be considered mini-walls.
Sea-Life Corals, variety of tropicals
Risks -
Local Dive Shops Key Largo
Web Sources Elbow Reef (SPA)