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Florida Keys Dive Sites - Cayman Salvage Shipwreck

Originally a Coast Guard buoy tender, this sunken ship is 187 feet long, with a beam of 37 feet, and is considered one of the top diving sites in the Florida Keys.


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Location 2427.210  8145.980

While there are many accounts of the Salvage Master being involved with the Mariel Boat Lift in 1979, apparently she was not actually involved in this event. Neglected, she sank at her dock in Key West. She was eventually scrapped and was prepared to be sunk in deep water as an artificial reef. However, as she was being towed to her designated resting spot in August of 1985, she sank prematurely, landing in 90' of water on her port side; later in 1985 Hurricane Katrina uprighted her

"I recently went on a scuba trip to this wreck. It was beautiful. I saw a shark, many tropical fish, swam with a manta ray and saw the large jewfish (as big as a mini cooper!!)  I would highly recommend this site!"




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Sea-Life Large jewfish
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