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Florida Keys Fishing Information

Florida Keys Fishing Information- flats, & backcountry fishing - fishing reports & more...
we are your ultimate Florida fishing guide.

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Quick facts on Florida Keys:
Flats Fishing
Reef/Wreck Fishing
Bridge Fishing
Shore Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Commercial Fishing

Spearfishing - Local Regs

On-Line Fishing Info
tips and info on local Keys conditions for fishermen

Find information about Florida Keys lobster in this complete Florda Keys web guide.
 Florida Lobster have no claws

quick tips and info

Lobster Season Info

State of FL regular season opens Aug 06, 2009  thru March 3, 2010     More

Find a Florida Keys charter captain

Tips and pointers to select the right guide for a great fishing experience, deep sea, back-country. fly fishing, reef and wreck fishing - you name it

Our Florida keys fishing charter listings

We list every charter boat in the Keys, and there are a lot

FL Saltwater Fishing Regs


Florida Keys Party Fishing Boats

Still a popular alternative to charters and you can take a big gang

Florida keys Fishing Supplies - Bait & Tackle

Ooohhh, there are some dandies


NOAA Buoy Readings for real-time water temp and reef conditions -  there is a bit of a download time for these reports

Upper Keys -  NDBC - Station MLRF1   
Middle - NDBC - Station SMKF1
Lower NDBC - Station SANF1

Tides Information (bookmark your area)


It's illegal to harvest lobster from artificial habitats intentionally sunk to attract lobster.

Max lobster per boat is 6 per diver, no more than 24 lobster. No more one diver and 24 lobster/boat, those days are gone. More



Florida Keys and Key West Scuba Diving Links

  Feature Pages 
Lobster Tales
Humorous article on catching those darn lobsters
You can look, but don't touch

It's not just fishing and diving...
How about a
   sunset cruise
    yacht day-trip




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